Our town

The town of Lacolle is located next to the border states of New York and Vermont. It is also close to St-Jean-sur Richelieu. Provincial highways 202, 221, 223, and freeways 35,10 and 15 run through it. Freeway 15 links us directly to New York’s I-87 whilst highway 223 leads directly to Vermont and I-89.

Amongst our many services, we have an important electrical grid of such magnitude that it is conducive to the development of industrial and commercial businesses and, we also benefit from a reliable water supply system more than sufficient to supply our town and a few citizens from the neighboring community with drinking water from the Richelieu River. We have our own sewer system and also operate our own wastewater treatment plant.

Over a hundred retail and commercial businesses offer our 3000 residents a vast choice of products and services. The town has zoned a substantial amount of land destined to industrial and commercial businesses under the surveillance and guidance of the (CCU) or, Urban Advisory Committee. The load bearing capacity of said lands are quite high and no wetlands are to be found.

Moreover, The Town of Lacolle offers specific advantages and services described as follows:


  • The Richelieu River running alongside our municipality and being one of the most important inland waterways, has developed into a pleasurable experience for recreational boaters who can navigate its entire length from Lake Champlain to Sorel.
  • Our many residences and Heritage sites reflect a picture of our history and constitute an unparalleled wealth for our town;
  • Our citizens have easy access to a municipal library, a vehicle registration center (SAAQ), a community center, a recreation cottage and a brand new childcare center (CIP).
  • A waste disposal container center is located in the industrial park.
  • Since 2010, a bike path named ‘la Piste du Lièvre’ crosses our town and joins up with the ‘Vallée des Forts’ bike path. This one links St-Jean sur Richelieu to the bike circuits of New York and Vermont via highway 223. Moreover, the ‘Piste du Lièvre’ going in the westerly direction, links up with the ‘Sentier du Paysan’ which also crosses the ‘Jardins de Napierville’ RCM.
  • A drop-in site at the CSSS is available in Lacolle and provides a child vaccination and a blood sampling center on every Wednesday, for our own townspeople and those living nearby. Our Town council is considering the possibility of installing a medical clinic.